BankTech Ventures Announces Three Investments in Innovative Bank-Enabling Companies to Empower Community Banks

June 4, 2024

BankTech Ventures, a strategic investment fund redefining the landscape of community banking through innovative investments, today announced its recent investments in three bank-enabling technology companies: Equabli, Filejet, and Monit. These investments aim to deliver essential solutions tailored to address critical challenges faced by community banks, including impending increase in customer delinquencies and attracting and retaining small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and adding more value to them.

“We are excited to support committed entrepreneurs building compelling solutions for community banks, and we welcome these three companies to the BankTech ecosystem,” said Carey Ransom, Managing Director. “As we approach our three year anniversary, we've been thrilled with the progress our companies have made in advancing community banks on their digital transformation journeys, and we are equally pleased to see these banks gaining confidence in adopting these solutions for the benefit of both the banks and their customers. By investing in these forward-thinking companies, BankTech Ventures reaffirms its commitment to equipping community banks with the leading, high-impact tools and technologies necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive financial landscape."

Of the companies BankTech invests in, many are leading the charge in their industries, while also helping banks stay competitive in the space. Equabli mitigates customer delinquency and default with a comprehensive suite of solutions for banks, streamlining the payment, debt collection, and recovery process. Filejet helps banks attract and retain SMB customers by providing unique compliance capabilities with legal entity reporting requirements. Monit's two-sided platform allows banks to provide a suite of embedded 'Digital CFO' tools to their SMB customers, while surfacing analytics and targeted insights to bankers to facilitate deeper, more profitable relationships across the business segment.

See the full release here.