We Exist to Make Community Banks Better

Our banks invest in BankTech Ventures to get critical innovation and technology decision support, business impact from the companies we source and invest in, and investment return by being part of our strategic investment fund.

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Why Choose Us

Ecosystem Approach

Bankers, ICBA & Tech Founders working collaboratively together to accelerate innovation in banking

Bank Focus

All investments are in community banks’ priority lists

R&D, Innovation and Education

BankTech supports active participation and culture change as community banks evolve

Our Founding Story

BankTech Ventures was founded in response to a call from many community bankers - “How do we invest in the best technology companies in our industry?” and “How do we improve innovation and identify the best solutions to support our digital transformation?”

BankTech Ventures Portfolio

BankTech Ventures is privileged to partner with brilliant founders, committed
to solving important problems for community banks

Meet Our Portfolio Companies

See What Makes BankTech Ventures Different

It's our ecosystem - bankers, entrepreneurs, investors, advocates, accelerators - all working together to advance community banking.