BankTech Ventures Invests in Commercial Credit Card & Spent Management Tool Torpago

March 3, 2023

BankTech Ventures is proud to announce our newest investment of $3 million in Torpago!

After speaking with many of our limited partners and recognizing the need for additional revenue streams through diversified lending opportunities, as well as the ability to offer outstanding new products and services to top commercial customers, we sourced Torpago to be part of our ever-growing ecosystem of top-tier, bank-ready solutions.

Torpago empowers both companies & financial institutions with simple and easy solutions that grant more extensive control and transparency of company spending. The Torpago cards and software already enable thousands of businesses to better manage their spend. Curious on what they can do for your bank? Check out our recent FinTech Speed Dating video with Torpago’s CEO and Founder, Brent Jackson, a recent BankTech Ventures webinar featuring Torpago, or read more about them below.

Background/value proposition

Torpago provides the ability to:

  1. Offer a comprehensive, bank-branded, corporate card program for commercial customers through a partnership with your bank
  2. Tap into additional revenue streams: banks have an opportunity to earn up to 80 bps of customer spend
  3. Retain existing customers with SaaS spend management platform offering, increasing the stickiness of existing relationships
  4. Leverage their existing infrastructure, integrations, card app, customer statements, customer support, and more!

What does the implementation process look like?

  1. Low lift for the bank! Typical launch takes 3-4 months; ROI within ~ 6 months
  2. Torpago provides banks with the infrastructure needed to launch
  3. No core integration required - everything is hosted by Torpago
  4. Torpago handles application & underwriting, fraud prevention/risk, card issuance, 1,000+ 3rd-party integrations and much more.
  5. Bank is responsible for marketing,selling to customers & has the option to issue with their own BIN and hold receivables if desired.
  6. All Torpago modules are a la carte, the bank has the ability to pick and choose how they see fit.
  7. Bank receives a dedicated account manager, access to all customer data via real time dashboards and API. As well as training and live webinars, and continued communication.
  8. Low cost for the bank: one-time implementation fee plus a monthly platform usage fee

Who should engage + how to engage

If you’re a bank who:

  1. Already has a corporate card program, but are dissatisfied (not enough revenue, customers not gaining enough value, etc)
  2. Haven’t launched a card program, but are looking to roll out a best in class corporate card offering

Connect with Pam ( or Brent ( to continue the conversation.