Have you met Beauceron Security?

February 14, 2023

Banktech Ventures

Launched in 2021, BankTech Ventures is a strategic investment fund with the mission to invest in technology companies whose products serve community banks and their end-customers, ultimately helping drive banks’ competitiveness and growth in this evolving industry. With general partners from Sunwest Bank, Coastal Financial, Hovde Group, The Venture Center and ICBA, plus over 100 limited partners, BankTech has quickly become the largest and most active bank technology ecosystem, bringing community banks and leading bank technology entrepreneurs together.

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Today, we're talking to David Shipley of Beauceron Security.

We know as well as you that your bank's cybersecurity is of upmost importance. Beauceron's platform creates a tangible, positive cyber security culture within your business or organization by driving both education and motivation for your employees.

On this speed date, we ask David the questions that you need to know, like:

"What is Beauceron Security?"

"How would a bank benefit from this partnership?"

"What does implementation actually look like?"

"How long until the bank sees real value-add?"

Answers to these questions in more on this FinTech Speed Date!