Teddy Mitrosilis - Building Your Personal Brand & Enjoying the Process

March 14, 2023

Carey Ransom

Carey Ransom is an SaaS entrepreneur, executive, investor and advisor, and has started, grown and/or led 8 B2B and consumer SaaS companies during startup and growth phases. He is currently the Managing Director of BankTech Ventures, a venture fund focused on compelling technologies for community banks, and founded and funded by leaders in the community bank ecosystem. Carey's 25-year career spans executive roles in product, marketing, business development, strategy and corporate development.


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It is so fun to get introduced to awesome new people, and I had a strong feeling that Teddy Mitrosilis and I would have a good conversation and connection. We did and I think you'll enjoy his stories and ideas thoroughly. (Thanks for the introduction, Mallory Maske!)

We talked about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, how the market wanted something different from him than he initially anticipated, and how he's working with a number of people on their personal brands and stories, and challenging them to think about creating value for others in their organizations. We also talked about our shared experiences on LinkedIn, which we both use extensively.

Not surprisingly, Teddy has a strong drive and process, which has served him well in athletics, business and life. Great lessons to learn here.

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